Keeping Up With New Resources on Women and Gender


Search directories to find women/gendered blogs. Examples of directories: Blogarama, Yahoo's links to blog directories.


Search the blogosphere postings using services such as Technorati or Google Blog Search.

RSS Feeds and Alerts for Blogs, News, and More

Subscribe to RSS Feeds to blogs, news sources, and more using a feed reader, such as Bloglines.

Use Google Blog search to identify blogs that have feeds. Run your search and then click on the alert envelope on the left, if you want to receive updates in email.

Feminist Blogging

To identify some worthwhile feminist blogs, see
  • Vicki Tobias' article "Blog This! An Introduction to Blogs, Blogging, and the Feminist Blogosphere," in Feminist Collections, v. 26, no. 2-3 (Winter-Spring 2005)
  • Browse the blogs on Feminist Blogs
  • To see how instructors are using blogs in women's studies, see "Blogging Women's Studies: A Round-up," in Feminist Collections v. 27, no. 20-3 (Winter-Spring 2006)