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Browse New Books on Women & Feminism (2/year) from the UW System Women's Studies Librarian's Office.


Browse the Electronic Resources and Online Databases page from time to time


Browse Feminist Periodicals: A Current Listing of Contents (quarterly from the UW System Women's Studies Librarian's Office; currently, print publication only).

Set up your own email alert service for tables of content or subjects. Here's one way to do so across a broad spectrum of women/gender journals as well as other journals:

Select Web of Science on the Electronic Resources and Online Databases page:

Web of Science (or Web of Knowledge) is made up of Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, and Science Citation Index. You can search any or all parts. To set up an alert, register on the site as a user, by clicking on "Open Saved Search" and following directions. Once you are registered, do your search, click on "search history;" and on the resultant page, check off the box next to your search and click on "save history." Fill out the form: name your search, select the alert type (Biblio + Abstract suggested), check off "send me email alerts" and designate how often (weekly or monthly). Click on "save" button next to "save to the server."
The women's studies journals in Web of Science include Affilia, Asian Journal of Women's Studies, Australian Feminist Studies, Camera Obscura, European Journal of Women's Studies, Feminism & Psychology, Feminist Economics, Feminist Review, Feminist Studies, Frontiers, Gender and Education, Gender and Society, Gender, Place and Culture, Gender, Work and Organization, Genders, GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, Indian Journal of Gender Studies, International Journal of Women's Studies, Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, Journal of Women and Aging, Journal of Women, Politics and Policy, Journal of Women's Health, Journal of Women's History, Psychology of Women Quarterly, Reproductive Health Matters, Sex Roles, Signs, Social Politics, Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature, Violence Against Women, Woman's Art Journal, Women and Health, Women and Literature, Women and Politics, Women and Therapy, Women's History Review, Women's Studies: an Interdisiplinary Journal, and Women's Studies International Forum, plus some medically-based journals in the Science Citation Index.
Instructions for Setting Up Alerts in Web of Knowledge/Web of Science (Word document)



Websites -- Finding "the good stuff"

  • Search Worldcat and limit to "Internet Resources."
    Click on "Advanced Search," and on the resultant Advanced Search page, select "Internet Resources" in the "limit type to" section, then run a search by putting search terms in the search box(es).

  • Use the (Google-supplied) search mechanism on the Women's Studies Librarian's Office's homepage For international sites, use the international page: Browse recent issues of Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources "E-Sources on Women & Gender" (formerly "Computer Talk" column, in print or online (

  • Realize that many websites now have dynamic databases within them whose items will not turn up in standard, across-the-entire-web searches. Such databases (and some text files) are what constitutes the "deep" or "invisible" web. Become familiar with significant sites in your area of interest. Some major sites with databases including material on international women's issues are
    International Labour Organization Select "information resources," then "ILO databases."
    Eldis Gateway to Development Information . Do searches directly from that page, or use the Gender page.
    For gender statistics, use Genderstats (World Bank) and for Europe, the UN's Gender Statistics Site:
    Women's Human Rights Resources
    International Organization for Migration. Search for "women" or "gender."
    UNIFEM's Web Portal on Gender and HIV/AIDS

  • Use "International Women's Issues Tutorials" ( with classes.


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